Our Case Studies

Seeing the Big Picture: Solution Design for Large Applications

A Fortune 100 technology firm uses Structured Systems Thinking to better understand the human dynamics leading to low technology adoption. White paper available.

Operational Effectiveness: Lean Six Sigma Deployment Paradigm

We worked with a military command deploying Lean Six Sigma to understand what conditions led to sustainable deployments versus unsuccessful ones. We mapped stakeholder mental-model into persona archetypes and linked them into a paradigm to show how culture, behaviors, and management decision making combined to determine deployment success.

Strategy Development: DoD Counterinsurgency Simulations

Created a full simulation of ISIS in Syria & Iraq that could test intervention policy options in isolation, combination, and at different timing windows. Simulation results identified key system archetypes and paradigms commonly occurring in counterinsurgency which can assist in training commanders and operational planners.

Convergent Thinking & Decision Making: Three Archetypes Every Manager Should Know

We presented one of our Boot Camps at continuing education event for the American Production & Inventory Control Society (APICS). This work was later published in IEEE Engineering Management Review and is available as a peer-reviewed article.

Navigating Complexity: Major Canadian Pharmaceutical Market Analysis

A major Canadian pharmaceutical uses Structured Systems Thinking to understand the market dynamics of the US medicinal marijuana. Includes white paper.