Active Projects

Counter-ISIS Simulations with the Department of Defense

Dialectic is proud to share that our very first project is supporting the overall effort to defeat ISIS working on behalf of commands within the Department of Defense. This simulation project builds off of previously published research by Chief Data Scientist Timothy Clancy into how ISIS developed in Syria and Iraq, and analysis of policies to contain, mitigate, and defeat ISIS. The current work expands this by looking at the potential for other non-state actors to emerge as insurgencies or other threats in a variety of different countries, and what policies would be effective to counter them. The project currently runs through the end-of-the year and we hope to be able to share some of releasable findings.

Active Research

Cannabis Market Dynamics

The medicinal and recreational marijuna markets are just in their infancy in the US, but interest is growing rapidly. One of the challenges for businesses is operating in an environment where every State has a different take on regulation and the Federal still outlaws the practice.  What is the best business model and under what conditions does that model thrive or fail? What are the impacts of regulatory changes, or opening of new markets with different regulations in nearby States bordering existing markets? What are the dynamics of interaction between major stakeholders that drive business performance? Dialectic has been approached several times for assistance in this area and we are now researching a generic “market dynamics” model for the emerging cannabis industry.

Find out more about our work from these sources:

“Cannabis: The Wild West” (2017)


Active Research

Lean Learning Simulation Games

Based on ongoing research into Lean Pattern Models, Dialectic is beginning to experiment with how these pattern models can be incorporated into more advanced learning simulation for new or experienced practitioners.  These simulations would allow practitioners to drill & practice actual implementation in realistic environments of Lean techniques. There is no substitute for real-life experience, but simulations may allow someone to make a lot of errors in a synthetic environment prior to making them on a real project. This will reduce frustration of the practitioner and skepticism of stakeholders.

Active Research

Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise transformation remains one of the hardest undertakings a CEO, President, or even Division Director can undertake. Whether to deploy a new method such as Lean or Agile, change the culture, incorporate new acquisitions or adopt a new business strategy – the landscape is littered with failed examples. Dialectic is leveraging our past experience in delivering enterprise transformations to develop simulation tools to aid in understanding the complex dynamics of these efforts. What generates momentum to get over the hump? What builds for sustainability over the long term? How can these be achieved prior to leadership pulling the plug and abandoning the effort or workers burning out?