Supply Chain Performance

We have a supply chain process or project where we need to:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve customer satisfaction 


Transform Big Data

We’re collecting big data but are having difficulty in converting it into actionable information.

  • Descriptive Analytics – What’s happening
  • Diagnostic Analytics – What event happened
  • Predictive Analytics – What will happen
  • Prescriptive Analytics – What should we do

Systems Thinking Workshop

We want to create a visual model that explores the non-linear connections between our critical business systems.

  • Gain valuable insights 
  • Create stronger business models
  • Improve operational efficiency

Advisory Services

We can assess and evaluate company readiness for data science initiatives and assist in addressing money, technology and people requirements. 

Full Simulation Modeling

Create interactive simulation models of critical business systems. I.e. Supply Chain Management, IT Project Management, Sales Force Balancing… .

Data Science Staff Augmentation

We provide data science teams to enhance existing data science efforts, lead new initiatives or deliver on contracts. 

  • Fill skill gaps
  • Maintain pace with competitors
  • Control costs through scalability

Does this sound like you?