Systems Thinking Workshop

We need system insights to develop our strategy – but we’re okay without numerical simulation, and we don’t have the time or budget for a costly data-science effort.

Supply Chain Performance

We have a strategy map, balanced scorecard, or performance dashboard and need to simulate it to identify process improvement opportunities. 

Strategy Dynamics

We want to fully simulate both our firm and the world around it to understand what drives performance, explore and test strategies, and gain deep insights.

Improve your bottom line

Find opportunities to reduce cost and support long term planning. Accelerate your sales operations, increase your operational efficiency, make more accurate and sustainable forecasts and enhance your supply chain effectiveness.

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Dialectic can provide companies with scalable staff augmentation in data analytics and data science. We provide Champions training for senior leadership on how to support a data analytic environment and select projects that enhance critical systems.

Next Steps…

If you are working with big data and finding it difficult to analyze and convert it into an actionable strategy or meaningful metrics we can help. Systems thinking is an ideal solution to understanding the true underlying behavior of your critical systems, what actions and behaviors impacts them and how to understand the complexity which is your business. Our data scientists are world class and industry recognized and ready to help you achieve your strategic goals.